Articles and Interviews

  • A Few words about Framing

    Some advice on Framing. To preserve the quality and integrity of your artwork, we recommend that you have the work framed by a reputable, bespoke fine art framer. Framing should focus on archiving while at the same time allowing the artwork to be displayed and viewed as intended. Images: Wessel Snyman Creative
  • Where illustrator Karlien de Villiers draws the inspiration for her quirky characters.

    SUNDAY TIMES SOUTH AFRICA - LIFESTYLE | ART. Dark, child-like, humorous and ironic are just a few ways to describe Karlien de Villiers' artworks. She tells us more. Interview by Leana Schoeman, Lifestyle Editor, Sunday Times.
  • Studio Stories

    Some of my mixing palettes with gouache and watercolour paints. "So, what exactly is it that you do all day?" is a question I am asked more often ...
  • Karlien de Villiers | Figuring The World

    Karlien de Villiers - Figuring The World. Between 10 and 5 Feature Written by Layla Leiman. Karlien de Villiers‘ work is playful and irreverent with a gloriously dark subtext. Her almost child-like style belies a depth to the two-dimensional subject matter, which touches on keen insights into human nature.