Karlien de Villiers Cat Lady

Karlien de Villiers. 2020. Cat Lady. Watercolor, ink and gouache on paper.


Are you available for Commissions?

YES, absolutely!

In addition to working as a gallery associated artist, I also do private commissions for clients, such as designing and conceptualizing artworks for a corporate space, medical rooms or a private home - e.g. a series of paintings or drawings for a doctor's consulting rooms, hotel room or foyer, murals or paintings for a lounge or bedroom in someone's home, or even if you just want to commission a small portrait of your cat, dog, plant or yourself. I am open to suggestions, but I can't promise that your 'portrait' will look exactly like you, as my work is not based on 'realism' but rather tend to be quirky and humorous interpretations of how I experience the world. 

I also work with smaller, private commissions, for example, if a client is interested in a particular style or just one or two images.

Projects are based on an individual needs analysis after a thorough consultation with clients. I am also available to create custom images, illustrations or comic strips for brands, corporate clients, magazines, newspapers, websites, fabric design, t-shirt designs, apparel design, packaging, music album cover art, book covers, etc.

For artworks, commissions, or any general information, please contact me via Email.